How to improve your Twinmotion renderings using AI

Short on time in a project or just looking for a way to improve your renderings? AI can take your renderings from good to amazing!

In this article, we'll guide you through using an AI tool, like Visoid, to enhance your visualizations using a brief example project.  Don’t worry, you will get the hang of it fast!

Before and after Visoid

Visoid is an AI-powered application that can take your Twinmotion renderings to the next level within a matter of minutes. It utilizes an AI model trained on an extensive dataset of images. By understanding your intended final result and using your uploaded image and input as guidance, Visoid empowers you to generate visualizations that align precisely with your vision

We have taken Twinmotion as an example, but this workflow works with any other rendering software of your choice, let that be Enscape or Lumion for example.

Twinmotion: Setting the Stage

To begin, you'll need a rendered image from Twinmotion. Instead of focusing on intricate details or generating high-quality renders, concentrate on these fundamental aspects:

While defining more details provides greater control, Visoid is adept at filling in missing components as well.

Twinmotion render of a cabin in the forest.
Simple render from Twinmotion


Improving your rendering is an easy 4 step process in Visoid. One of the biggest advantage of Visoid is that it can create stunning images in a matter of minutes. Instead of setting up every detail, you can just use this raw creative power to create stunning images.

Step 1: Upload your image

Visit and upload your original rendering as input (you can quickly register for free if you don't have an account). Visoid keeps everything in an organized folder structure on the left, making it easy to locate your input images and renders.

Input window in Visoid
Input window in Visoid

Step 2: Describe your project

The next step involves describing your desired outcome, often referred to as a "prompt" in the AI world. Describe your design, the composition and the surroundings to get the best result. Use simple words, no need for complex sentences!

modern house in the forest, black charred cladding, big window, forest grass, big rock, pine trees, morning light, volumetric light, Canada, lake view

Step 3: Explore different variations

Select  “Subject & scene” image type and hit Render!
Use the speed of Visoid to generate images and cycle through suggestions until you find the most fitting one. You can always adjust the prompt on the way to steer the direction.

Explore window in Visoid
Different variations from Visoid

Step 4: Refine Your Selection

If you find an image that aligns with your vision but requires minor adjustments, bring it to "Iterate". Here, you can refine specific details or segments of the image to achieve the best possible outcome.

And there you have it! Simply download the image by clicking the Export button.

Visualization of a black cabin in the woods with AI
Final image

Final thoughts

Employing Visoid to enhance your Twinmotion renderings not only elevates the quality but also saves time in the process. It lets you focus on the outcome or on the design itself, making the most out of your precious time.

Discover the potential of Visoid for enhancing your Twinmotion rendering at It's a game-changer that streamlines your visualization process while ensuring outstanding results!

Ready to improve your renderings?