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Have you ever found yourself pressed for time on a project or lacking the expertise to create stunning visualizations? AI-powered rendering could be your game-changer.

An iterative AI-powered workflow can reduce visualization times by over 80%, making high-quality visualizations accessible for everyone.

Architectural visualization of a modern house, wooden facade, mountains, forest
AI render from VISOID. © Visoid

I've been in that situation before. It's Thursday, just two days away from the project proposal deadline. I'm in the middle of assembling the booklet, finalizing floor plans, sections, and description text. However, there are two glaring, empty white pages in the booklet that was kept for visualizations. I'm well aware my clients find it much easier to grasp the project with the help of these images, but I kept putting it off as the design kept evolving until the last moment.

With no time to reach out to my visualization designer friends and no chance of creating something convincing with the office tools, I make a decision. I'll come in on Sunday and attempt to piece something together in Photoshop, using some basic 3D elements from my design software.

Ever been in a situation like this?  Read on to see how AI rendering can change your life.

In this post, you will read about:

Why Visualizations

Every architectural project needs to be communicated to non-professional stakeholders before it's built, period. Whether you are working on a kindergarten or a family cabin in the mountains, good communication with stakeholders is key to a successful project. The most common examples are conversations with municipalities for building permits, developers/owners for decision-making, or creating posts on social media.

Architectural visualization of a residential building.
An attractive visualizaton helps to communicate the project
and convince the target audience. @Visoid

Since the building in question is most likely years away from completion, attractive visualizations need to be created to communicate the project. Creating these visualizations is a time-consuming and expensive process that involves complicated tools or external consultants.

AI-powered rendering enters the game here.

What is AI Rendering

AI-powered rendering tools like VISOID leverage the potential of state-of-the-art image creating diffusion models.

Unlike traditional methods where the detail level of the visualization matches the input detail level, AI-powered software can increase the level of detail to a desired extent. Instead of spending time on modeling every detail, adding surroundings, and tweaking light and texture settings for hours, AI-powered rendering lets you work iteratively towards your desired output.

Final render

Rendering of a cabin.
Detailed visualization in a few minutes from Visoid


Simple 3d model from Sketchup

How to Use It

In its simplest form, you can save an image of your project from your design application and upload it. Thereafter, you can start generating alternatives by using simple settings and text input. When you land on a variation that is close to the direction you want to go, you can edit/change/remove parts or try different alternatives for textures or lighting.

Gif about rendering in Visoid.
Bird's-eye view render from Visoid

Final thoughts

AI rendering provides architects with a time-efficient and iterative approach to visualization. From streamlining workflows to unlocking creative possibilities, it proves indispensable for architects at every level. Its efficiency in communicating designs and enhancing presentations makes AI rendering an accessible solution for achieving visual excellence in architectural work.

If this resonates with you, I can only recommend to try VISOID and share you experience with us on our social media channels!


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